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'Lite Horlicks'

Lite Horlicks is a HFD specially designed to suit the nutritional needs of adults. Packed with 23 vital nutrients, including high quality protein and antioxidants, Lite Horlicks provides strength and stamina by maintaining and repairing damaged body cells. In addition to this, Lite Horlicks has no added sugar and no fats.

Lite Horlicks was launched in 2005, and holds the distinction of being the only nutritional drink which is endorsed by diabetes India as being suitable for people with diabetes.

Lite Horlicks is available in two flavors - Original Malt and Badam.
* No added Sucrose
## As per Codex guidelines

Lite Horlicks is so far the only nutritional products to be endorsed and certified by Diabetes India*.

*Diabetes India is the largest body of practicing diabetologists, physicians, medical specialist and researchers interested in the study of diabetes.