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'Your trusted paracetamol'

Crocin has been a trusted household healthcare name for over three decades and enjoys a strong medical heritage. Widely used as an effective remedy for mild-to-moderate pain, Crocin is an over-the-counter medicine which is easily accessible to patients. It commands a strong medical equity and enjoys the confidence and trust of medical practitioners across the country.

Over the years, Crocin has evolved from a pain, body ache relieving drug to a household medicine and a brand of choice and trust. With a continuous series of innovations, it has evolved significantly from its simple 500 Mg paracetamol variant to a range of product extensions like Crocin Pain Relief, Crocin Cold & Flu, Crocin 650 Mg tablets alongside a pipeline of liquid formats for Children and Kids. (Read Product Information)

Crocin Advance

Works upto 5x faster than your regular paracetamol - A smart choice!

Sometimes ordinary paracetamol tablets may take a longer time to release its medicine as it doesn?t easily disintegrates within the human system. Crocin Advance with Optizorb technology releases its medicine up to five times faster than ordinary paracetamol tablets, providing you fast and effective relief. (Read Product Information)

Crocin Pain Relief

A clinically proven pain relief medicine with a higher dose of paracetamol along with caffeine which provides quick and effective relief from your daily aches and pains. (Read Product Information)

Crocin Cold and Flu

Crocin Cold and Flu`s special non drowsy formula provides effective relief from multiple symptoms of cold. It contains paracetamol, which has analgesic plus antipyretic properties along with special ingredients which help relieve your congestion. (Read Product Information)

Baby and Kids Range

Crocin paediatric portfolio is a complete range of antipyretic, analgesic medicines where there is one for every age group, from infants to toddlers to older kids up to 12 years.

The range consists of